Scott Cheney

Albany County SAFE Project

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

The greatest personal accomplishment that I am most proud of is my education. I am a first generation college student and have received my undergraduate degree from UW and my graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins and St. Joseph's Universities.

What is your primary personal development goal/business goal for the next 5 years?

Over the next five years I would like to see the programs that I am part of and working for expand their services and the help that they provide to our community. This would include continued work building several fundraisers, increasing community education and awareness, and ensuring partnerships between various community organizations and groups.

What is your biggest philanthropic achievement?

For several years I worked with the Ryan White Care program as an HIV Case Manager and this past year I was honored to be a founding member of Wyoming AIDS Assistance, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to those in Wyoming who are living with HIV/AIDS.

What action or event that you've been a part of, that you believe has made the biggest difference in Laramie? Or are you most proud of?

When I was an HIV Case Manager with the Ryan White Care System, I was able to manage the HIV Client Assistance Fund, which was the precursor to the founding of Wyoming AIDS Assistance. In doing so I sought to diversify the funding of the account to ensure its longevity and the assistance that it can provide to so many throughout the state. Now, four years later, Wyoming AIDS Assistance is the only rural program that receives financial support from Broadway Cares. Also, our annual fundraiser, Drag Queen Bingo, has doubled in size from previous years and is now able to serve hundreds of clients a year who are struggling to live with HIV/AIDS, all while raising awareness in Laramie and increasing community support of their fellow citizens.

What excites you most about the future of Laramie?

Having been in Laramie for the past 8 years, I am constantly amazed at the overwhelming potential that our city has. We have so many dedicated people who are willing to give of themselves to see Laramie succeed, and it is this dedication that has brought new businesses into our downtown, driven improvement and beautification projects, and created a town that is truly enjoyable to be in. I look forward to the seeing how Laramie continues to envelop change and how the numerous programs continue to grow and make Laramie a great place to visit and live in.

What do you think has helped make you successful in your endeavors?

I believe that my dedication and passion for the work that I do has ensured that no matter what cause I am working for or am a part of, I am giving it all that I have because I want to see it succeed.

What advice would you give to other young professionals in Laramie?

The greatest thing that I have learned that I would give as advice is this: everything has potential. Working for non-profit organizations I have found myself doing a multitude of things I would never imagine myself doing, and when I desire change in a program or want to see an event succeed I have learned that it is my faith in the program, dedication, and the help of those around me that will be the deciding factor. Every event and every program has the potential to be great, it just needs someone to put in the time and attention to make it happen.

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