Hayden Fuchs

Pete Lien & Sons

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am proud of the work I have done in hiring, setting up the culture, and training the Pete Lien & Sons plant work force, commissioning of our plant and being promoted into the Plant Manager role at our Laramie location. Being a young professional causes reservation in initial given responsibilities and I’m proud of the fact that I was able to overcome and prove out the role entrusted in me.

What is your primary personal development goal/business goal for the next 5 years?

My goal in the next 5 years is to have enough success at our facility to double the employees we have onsite. I believe this to be a difficult but achievable goal in trying to promote and establish good career opportunities for the people of Laramie and Albany County.

What is your biggest philanthropic achievement?

One of the opportunities I have been entrusted with was helping coach the Laramie Outlaws, high school hockey team. The sport of hockey has many life lessons that is relatable in the real world, such as understanding the value of all individual roles leading to a team’s success. Seeing the growth of the kids throughout the year and over multiple seasons gives me pride as they develop into young men and women. I have no doubt that the Laramie Outlaw athletes will positively affect the Laramie community in the future.

What action or event that you've been a part of, that you believe has made the biggest difference in Laramie? Or are you most proud of?

The biggest impact that I can make on the community is an ongoing venture. Sitting on the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation board has shown me the incredible steps that IMH is taking to improve their facilities, patient care and impact on the community. These continued strives to improve IMH will only add to the value of Laramie as a community both as an improvement of healthcare for the current citizens of this community and as a relocation enticement to Laramie. As far as a previous event that I am proud to have been a part of would be the Leadership Laramie class of 2016-2018. Within the class we were to come up with a group project to help the community. I was proud that as a group of 23 individuals, we were able to create and raise money for an after school, food and supplies program for Whiting High School. I didn’t understand how large of an affect this could have until talking with Whiting’s facility and hearing of the many students that go home hungry or don’t have enough resources to keep their babies with diapers.

What excites you most about the future of Laramie?

I believe Laramie has a great economic appeal for businesses; there are many financial benefits and grants from the state, county and city levels, relatively safe town that has a thriving downtown area, great schools from elementary to high school, and minutes away from outdoor activities or hours within the city atmosphere. There are many benefits to this town that are now ripe for economic growth.

What do you think has helped make you successful in your endeavors?

The opportunities presented and my dedication are the two things that have helped make me successful thus far. I have been blessed with people trusting in my abilities and putting me in positions of responsibility. On the flip side, I ensured that the trust was justified and proven to be correctly placed.

What advice would you give to other young professionals in Laramie?

Never compare the results of what you do to others, but instead measure yourself against what you can become.

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