Trinity Thatcher

Choice One Mortgage

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

I would have to say my biggest personal accomplishment was taking care of my young children(being a young mother) working full time, and going to college full time. Graduating high in my class with my Bachelor of Business Management. I wanted my kids to be proud to have such a hard working mother, so I did everything I could to make that happen.

What is your primary personal development goal/business goal for the next 5 years?

Although I have been in the lending industry for 15 years, I am new to Choice One Mortgage. I would love to promote our business more and be even more involved in community activities.

What is your biggest philanthropic achievement?

I adore volunteer work. Some of my best memories are volunteering at the Workforce Center, teaching high school students tools such as interview skills, professionalism, creating budgets, community involvement, and how to build credit. I have been contacted by several students that I have taught over the years and I love hearing how they have implemented some of the tools that I taught them. Lucky to be a part of such a great program.

What action or event that you've been a part of, that you believe has made the biggest difference in Laramie? Or are you most proud of?

I think being the Chair of the Red Carpet Committee was a wonderful thing to be a part of. When I started on the Red Carpet Committee there were 4 active members. Within 5 months, I was asked to take over the committee, which I was honored to do. The committee grew from 4 active members to 17 active members during my time as chair. I am still currently on the committee as well as on the Marketing Committee for the LCBA.

What excites you most about the future of Laramie?

I think we have a great group of up and coming business leaders. I think they are bringing in new ideas and new business ventures. With the addition of the Cirrus Sky Technology Park, we have a great opportunity to bring new businesses in to Laramie. I'm excited to see where that can take us all.

What do you think has helped make you successful in your endeavors?

I have a great support group, always pushing me to do my best. I think I have been lucky enough to work for some incredible companies in Laramie that have been supportive of my passion for community involvement. My family has also kept me going. I always want my children to see how important it is to help others, work hard, and do what you can to improve yourself and your future.

What advice would you give to other young professionals in Laramie?

My advice to young professionals is to get involved in as much as you can. I have met some amazing people in my volunteer activities. Leadership Laramie is a great start to networking. If you have not participated yet, do so. I am still great friends with my Leadership Laramie classmates. Do your best to find a work/life balance. Find a job you dearly love. Take risks, you will regret the things you didn't attempt. Learn from mistakes. Most importantly, always be grateful for new opportunities.

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