Our Purpose

We want to provide young professionals with tools to succeed in both their personal lives and careers.



One of our main objectives is to promote and encourage networking amongst like-minded professionals in our community. We work to provide these opportunities at our events, and we encourage members to attend networking events hosted by other professional organizations in Laramie.



Alongside our dedication to networking is our commitment to supporting fundraising. Each year, we plan a campaign intended to raise money for a local organization of our choice. Members can suggest ideas for our next fundraising effort by contacting a member of the board.


Community Outreach

We work to educate our members on their role in the community, educate on what is happening in our area and provide opportunities to become involved. We are always open to new ideas and organizations, and would love to chat about how we can work together. 


Professional Development

Above all, we want to see our members succeed and grow in their careers and personal lives. We work to provide opportunities for members to enjoy and build enthusiasm for the organization, but also to encourage members to broaden their education and thrive.